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The bumpy road to marathon greatness.

Grab a coffee, this could take a while…

Normally I would put a link to a song here… but I can’t find a good copy of Garth Brook’s “Do what you gotta do” to link to, so if you know the song, whistle along.. If you don’t, you wouldn’t have clicked the link to listen to it anyway, so I’ll just get on with it.

It was no secret this year that all my best laid plans of running two marathons (GC & Syd) went west quite early in the season. I ended up with two non-running related injuries (a torn pec and a skin infection that would not respond to antibiotics and threatened to put me in hospital) and the first (planned) marathon at the gold coast, where I had a 30min PB in my sights, turned into a half marathon PW (personal worst) where i struggled home in 2.09. At this point, I mentally gave up on the season of greatness and settled for the season of ‘fun’ half marathons. I ran 4 in total and did have a lovely time, no complaints, but no soaring dizzying heights of greatness either. I had some really nice runs with my friends.. (that was pretty much every weekend, race or not) ate some breakfasts and even bought my dog along.

I decided to not go to Melbourne for financial reasons and when registrations for the half sold out… I gave up on the idea altogether. Well, that’s what I said to everyone, but the idea still niggled away at me. I had such a brilliant time last year, tk and I rarely go away together and I am unashamedly in love with Melbourne and it’s Marathon Festival and it’s architecture and it’s hole-in-the-wall cafes and it’s simplicity of navigation, it’s heritage and history.. to be honest,  mostly I like the marathon…. I  am certainly not in it for the weather!

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one that hadn’t completely abandoned the idea and every time an accommodation special came up my persistent friend Karlee would email me the details… and I would be a pain in the arse and resist… Until webjet came up wtih an offer that I just could not refuse. Less than $200 for 2 nights in the CBD.

SOLD! To the lady who has her ambitions mixed up with her capabilities, again… (remembering here, the half had sold out, it was full marathon or bust!)

With just 6 weeks to go til marathon day I started training. I backed the Sunshine Coast half marathon up with a 32km training run the following week and went from there (I did 4 long runs in total).

Here is where I started to run into trouble. My right ITB flared up at the knee after last years marathon and once I started regularly running over 20km the left one didn’t feel any better than the right. I had to admit that I was in trouble. Being that I couldn’t really afford to go to Melbourne in the first place, I couldn’t really afford to go to the physio regularly either. I felt really torn with what to do about it.

Earlier on in the year, just after I tore my pec lifting something that I shouldn’t have been, some friends of mine attended a running workshop that they were absolutely raving about, however I hadn’t finished my ‘injury bout’ and whilst their enthusiasm was great, I wasn’t in a good place with my running and I didn’t think too much about it…. Until now, where I was 5 weeks out from a full marathon and my training runs were starting to become painful and I *really* doubted myself to be able to cover the distance in the amount of pain that I was going to be in… So it was time to revisit ‘those guys’ that my friends were not only raving about, but had become quite good friends with, what were ‘those guys’ about anyway?

Running Injury Free

ahhh? Really? hmmmmm, that sounds as though it may be beneficial to my cause at the moment, might be worth a look.

The RIF-REV blog is an absolute gold mine of information for runners, as I was soon to discover.  It cost me nothing but my time to watch a couple of videos and learn what was causing my ITB discomfort and also how to correct it through running technique and taping. I used to think that the tape was for sissies (yea, like I used to think that wearing compression pants to bed was for wankers) but after watching ONE video, I taped my knees after (yes, after… that’s when I got the tape) a long run and all the pain went away. Immediately. Yes, I looked a bit silly with tape on my knees, but they didn’t hurt and I was able to complete my long run schedule which 2 days prior I was ready to scrap. We were back in business!

I booked into the next introductory ‘RIF-REV’ session, which just happened to be the week before the marathon. (yea, we all know that if it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done on Planet De) I am not going to go into the in’s and out’s of the session (if you haven’t been to one, go! ASAP!!!) just suffice to say that it changed everything for me.


I have paid reasonable money for sessions in the past that left me confused and feeling uncoordinated. I have had ‘experts’ look at me incredulously when I said that I had already ran a marathon (I can only assume that this is because I look like goofy on crack when I attempt to do a running drill) and when I asked for advice about running another one, they smiled (somewhat condescendingly, I might add) and told me that it would be best that I signed up for more sessions. (Yes, at a session that I was paying for… the advice was to pay for more sessions) This is probably a good time to mention that the introductory RIF-REV session is free. Yep. It won’t cost you a dime (and nobody looks at you like you are an idiot)

It is also worth saying that these guys really know their shizz.  If the interest grabs you, go have a read of what they are up to. These blokes are experts in the field and damn interesting characters.

Paul Treventhan – Director, Body Leadership

Will Wragg – Best known for running 50 marathons in 50 days (whilst working full time)

Paul & Will are in the process of setting up the biggest source of information available to runners, to enable them to run without injury. Not only is the website an absolute boon to runners of all types, but they are a couple of the nicest folk that you could meet. Having already said that I can’t afford to actually *go* to the physio, I am not a client of Body Leadership.


None-the-less when I arrived in Melbourne at 8pm on Saturday night on a twice delayed flight (yes, tiger, yes the fares were cheap) tired, starving and without adhesive spray (my kryptonite) to hold my (now as important as breathing) tape in place for an entire marathon… What did Paul and Will do? They ran through Melbourne at 9 o’clock at night to drop me off a can of sticky stuff, so that I could run. FOR NOTHING! I’m not a client of Paul’s and as much as I would love it, I can’t see me affording a one on one session with Will at any time in the near future. They just did it because I needed it.

It’s going to sound really daggy to say, but it is people like this that change the world and make me SUPER excited and inspired for the future.

I simply could not have ran this race without them. Let alone in a time that I thought completely unobtainable. I thought that it would be sensible to aim for 4.30-4.45 for this marathon, all things considered. I’m not as fit as I was last year, I am 6kg heavier, I had a personal trainer last year, I was more organised last year… I was happy to settle for a second marathon that was done, without injury and I was also really hoping that I didn’t get kicked off the course at the 5hour mark. (This was of great concern!) Worse still the notion of a DNF (did not finish)…. *shudder*….

As it turns out, I ran it on my ear in 4.12. Only 4 minutes slower than last year (when I was MUCH fitter) I stopped for a loo break (just a wee, for those of you playing at home and judging from the comments I have already had, that is a few of you) and from 37Km through to the final lap around the MCG it rained cats and dogs and probably other domestic animals as well, it was torrential. It was torrential and I was smiling.


I’m not going to take anything away from myself here, as I have said before *I* am the only person that can get me over the finish line, but geez this time was with a great deal of ‘help from my friends’.


Special credit must go to Ann Marie for the extreme effort and inconvenience in picking up my race-pack when my flight was changed from a morning flight to the afternoon and also to my beautiful daughter for being such a wonderful bag-lady and sending me funny and motivational text messages to keep me sane during the run. Karlee not only kept at me in finding accommodation but ran some long runs with me as well, even the last one that threatened to kill us both from heat exhaustion.

Then there is the unfailing support from so many ‘Awesome Runners’, that at times probably don’t even realise how much they encourage and support. (Bec, Lesley, Roba, Margaret, Ingred, Jan, Michelle… I am sure that I have forgotten someone, but you all know who you are.)

I am going to sum it up with a quick rundown of my best marathon moments…..

*Running up Batman Ave for the second time…. thinking not of smiling and happiness, but of ‘What the hell am I doing’

*Passing the guy who was at 17km (I was at around 29km) who was singing ‘Beyond Salvation’ at the top of his lungs.. everybody around us was laughing, either at or with him, I was laughing at how much he looked (and sounded) like me the previous year… Just keep running, sing out loud if you must but for god’s sake, JUST KEEP RUNNING!


*Running through the 20km mark and feeling fine! (I have really got to find a more attractive colour for the tape!)

*My daughter txting me after I rang her, telling her that I had just ran through the 20km mark feeling great to tell me that I was amazing and awesome and was going to come close to last year’s time (like I didn’t already know that, my garmin was still working!)

*My lack of planning caused my garmin to run out of puff around 28km (seriously, what are you going to do? cry or run?)

*Meeting a lady whose first marathon it was, yet she had run an ultra? (she also shared a lolly snake with me)

*Quite literally not being able to breathe when I saw everyone cheering for me 1km from the end (actually that was scary)

*Running over the finish line in the MCG and thinking to myself “why the hell would you say that you didn’t want to do that”


That feeling is better than anything.


In love with this girl & with her town as well…

So, long time no blog.

Life has been busy.

Busy… and dare I say it.. Not really about running. A bit about running, a bit about working a bit about raising a cheerleading, dancing all teenagering young adult.


I have felt a little withdrawn at times and distracted..

I lost my best friend..


I found the absolute joy in fostering a rescue dog… and failing… Tre is my dog now.


I found the crazy bitter-sweet joy of fostering a rescue dog and succeeding! Bill has a great ‘forever home’ and an owner that loves him as much as we do.


I found that most normal people don’t realise that you are naming your rescue dogs after members of Green Day


I ran 4 half marathons.




The Gold Coast.


The Jetty to Jetty.


and, the Sunshine Coast.

I decided that the half was a great distance to run (and that is the truth!) and that the training for a full marathon was too much to fit into my busy schedule of little exercise, becoming a work-a-holic and taking things easy on the weekends…

….but then the tickets were cheap….


and the half was sold out…

… There were decisions to be made…

So I ran another full marathon.


Just like that.

That would be an easy way to get around explaining the events of the last few months, wouldn’t it?

I took my time…. and planned my runs…


I’d set my goal and I worked towards it (and by jingo’s that was the hard part)


Then I went and did it.

There is a fair bit more to the wheres and how’s about it, that I just can’t wait to elaborate upon in the next day or so, but at the heart of the matter… That’s what I did…


You know what they say about taking a risk….. right?

Stop the world!!!

So I wrote the title of this post the other night after I received an email that I WAS NOT expecting to receive, that completely changed the colour of my day… and my weekend, completely changed my weekend. Straight from sorting out the garage to sorting out your life.. What next?

If you don’t know *who* or *what* Emazon is then clicky click on the link and have a bit of a read, saves me trying for the 50 billionth time to explain something that I just can’t explain.

So long story short, a few weeks ago I had to make a decision… To Emazon or to move house. I just *had* to move house. I knew that both things would be life-changing, but I chose the ‘gift that would keep on giving’. I was happy with my choice and am loving the new house, but as the convention rolled around I felt yuk. I *really* wanted to go. I knew that I needed to go… and while I think that the money is very well spent, I simply didn’t have it to spend. I emailed my friend Angela, who is working with Emma to let her know that whilst I said that I would come, I simply can’t stretch it.. Yep, even with the payment plan.. It is just not going to be a happening thing. I have car rego, School fees, Dance fees blah blah friggen blah.. Just can’t find $60 a week for the next 11 weeks. Bugger bugger poo bum, I’ll just have to wait til next time. Which was when she messaged me back offering me a place in 4 of the workshops offered over the course of the weekend. AND the cocktail party. Holy friggen DOOLY.

I get to have my cake and eat it too. I was at work when the message came through and I’m not afraid to say that I stood on my raised platform covered in coal dust and cried like a baby. I feel so blessed that I have people like this in my life. I don’t know that I am worthy of them, but, just WOW… Na Scratch that. I’m worthy, just felt crazy that it was ‘me’ that was worthy.

I don’t know what I was expecting from SYG 1. I have heard alot about it, and as I am a bit of a cocky bugger… I thought that I already *knew* what it was about and I was just going to breeze through this stuff, yeah, yeah Emma… Red Woman, Blue Woman whatevz.. I’ve got this shit covered.. I know what I am about.


I have no fucking idea.

It’s embarrassing.

I’m not going to blather on about what it was ‘about’. I don’t do it justice and I’m really not in a position (ie, I’ve already forgotten more than I remembered) to do so. I’m just going to say that quite a few things clicked in for me this morning. The way that I behave the way that I do, my reactions to other people… Massive, Massive…Mahoooooosive light bulb moments. I think that I was starting to understand situations and how my actions/reactions tended to dictate how things would pan out. I wasn’t far off the money, but geez louise. To be able to apply a simple concept.. It’s that easy??

Fuck no, we already know that nothing is easy and it’s all very well and good for me to sit here now, bathing in the afterglow of a fantastic morning spent with great friends doing stuff that I love to do. What’s next?



So it totally cracked me up when half-way through the session Emma actually said ‘STOP THE WORLD’… hell yes.

I think I’m starting to get it.

Horseshoes & Hand-grenades..

I’m not fucking around…

I think we have established that…

I‘m not fucking around
I think I’m coming out
All the deceivers and cheaters
I think we’ve got a bleeder right now
Want you to slap me around?
Want you to knock me out?
Well, you missed me kissed me
Now you better kick me down

Maybe you’re the runner up
But the first one to lose the race
Almost only really counts in
Horseshoes and Handgrenades


So with that in mind, I’m going to run the Noosa Half-Marathon.

Yea, I know… I wanted a 10k PB. But, whatever. I also want to run a(nother)  half-marathon.


I had planned to reassess the 10k PB situation after Twilight, and, well, yea… I went alright at Twilight, but the cracks were showing long before the storm hit, I should have come in around 52min. I then ran again at The Sunshine Coast run series… I came so close, 50.34…. about 40 seconds off PB. At this stage I just don’t feel as though any more can come from dwelling on it.. I would really like to get a half under my belt before the full and this is probably the only opportunity that I have to do it.


I finally got my head right the other day when someone that knows nothing about running, just casually said to me “Why don’t you just stop worrying about this PB marlarkey?” Oh, yes I thought! Why don’t I just cut my arms and legs off and pull myself through road races on the strength of my nasal hairs? As much as it pains me to admit it, he was right… I’ve been beating myself up, chasing something that while is a worthwhile goal, doesn’t change the world and frankly has turned running (which I really love) into a bit of a chore. Kilometers that MUST be done… Intervals and hills and MUST be endured, no fun at all really… I love my long runs with the girls (almost as much as I love the breakfast and coffee afterwards) and I’d been doing a fair bit of beating myself up that I wasn’t doing them ‘good enough’.. Bah.. It all stops here. Running is for fun!!


Yes, I’m not in the condition that I was last year. Yes. Things are different this year. So-freaking-what! Do I want to give up running? Not on your nelly sweetheart. I want to run for a great many more years yet. Not every run is ‘great’, not every run is awful. It’s a bit like days of the week and months of the year.

Anyway.. I have changed! Things are so different now! The last 2 months feels like an absolute whirlwind, but I am now where I truly *want* to be. Despite my *acceptance* of where I lived and how things were going in my job… Two short months down the road… Would you take a look at that…. everything has changed!

I don’t live where I used to live anymore, Hoo-friggen-RAH!!!! I had no idea how much my hatred for the suburb that I lived in was affecting my emotional wellbeing.. Once I knew that I was on the out, wow, things changed right away. There is alot to be said about living exactly where you want to live. I am here now and it’s friggen awesome! Every single time I drive down the Western Freeway I love myself sick that I live at the end of it… no more 30 minute trek to the ‘burbs for me, oh no… Yep, I’ve got traffic noise at all hours of the night and day and I embrace it! I feel safe and happy and at home. I seriously couldn’t be happier about where I live. As a result of that, I joined a new gym. I have wanted to join Workout (the gym) since I first started being an ‘exercise’ person. I loved the idea of ‘classes’ and was trying to find a way to justify it.. even though the gym was nowhere near my house… In the end, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t and I didn’t. It annoyed me, I wanted to go to that gym. Still, I did bootcamp, had a great trainer and acheived lots.. plenty… I ran a marathon in my first year running.

So now it’s time for something totally different… as well as running of course.


You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes… You can steer yourself in any direction you choose! (Dr Suess)

So I’m thinking that the concept of steel-caps as tap shoes is going to take off… You heard it here first!

Oh, and work? My boss quit. Just like that.

Nuff said really!

After the rain…

I know that it is not entirely necessary, but I do feel as though I would like to address some of the comments made after this blog was posted on an Intraining Facebook page and I have come under reasonable scrutiny, totally expected.

What I would like to point out is that I am not blaming Intraining. Of course, they did not cause the storm. Of course it has caused them untold grief and despair. I do understand that intraining is a Mum & Dad business and I have personally met both Steve and Margot. I’m not on a crusade. I would hate to imagine the gaping hole left in the Brisbane running community should there be no more Intraining. That said, they are a business, not a benevolent society. A business has to make money. Period.

All I am doing is questioning what their weather management plan was. I think I am well within my rights to do so, I paid them money to enter an event, things went wrong, of course I am within my rights to question what the weather management policy is? I am hearing reports on social media about how Steve Manning himself was running down the road with a phone that had ‘died’ from water damage, yelling that the race was cancelled and other staff bemoaning that their radios did not work. If that was the wet weather management plan, then so be it. I am simply asking *what* it was.. Surely a little transparency is not too much to ask? I was actually on the course when the storm hit, I know what it looked like from where I was running and organised on any level, it was not.

I am well aware that all parts of life involve risk. I am a marathon runner with ITB issues, I drive a car, I’ve given birth, my work involves many, many high risk components and I am licensed to operate high-risk machinery. I am well aware of the risks involving running a 10km fun run, this was not my first rodeo and will most certainly not be my last. So the many rants and raves about my (and the rest of the field) taking such a ‘risk’ are lost on me, yes, I was aware that I was taking a risk. Every single morning when my eyes open, before my feet hit the ground, yes, I am aware. To live is to risk dying. I once said, You know the biggest thing about taking a risk? it’s not taking the risk.

Secondly, I am really tired of this being described as a ‘freak’ accident.. Sorry people,  it’s the end of summer in SE Qld.. nothing freakish about a storm in the afternoon, I would actually go as far as to say that they are commonplace. As for someone being struck by a flying branch in the middle of a thunderstorm in SE Qld at the end of summer? Sorry, no that’s not a ‘freak’ accident… If you are stuck out in a storm the chances of being struck by flying debris are high enough to not be a ‘freak’ accident. Yes, the storm seemed to come out of nowhere and we all have 20/20 in hindsight. I’m not ‘blaming’ intraining for the fact that I was out there, I choose to be out there as did each and every other participant.

So with that in mind, knowing that this event will be ran in the dark lets explore the fact that there was no emergency lighting on the course. At all. Lets couple that with the fact that the witches hats used to mark out the course did not have reflective tape on them and were difficult to see in the dark. Then, add to that the fact that the marshals had no waterproof communication and it was very difficult to distinguish a marshal/official/volunteer from another runner, some wore yellow shirts, some looked like the other runners, no hi-vis vests?  Why is that? This is QLD, it rains a hell of a lot here. We already knew that the event would be held in the dark, yet no emergency lighting, no hi-vis witches hats, no way of telling a volunteer apart from anyone else… I have friends coming in at times ranging from 50min to 1.40, every one of them has a different story. One friend coming in at 1.40 wasn’t even aware that the race had been called off.

Another little gem I keep hearing from people that obviously not there was that the entire field ‘should have sought shelter’. I don’t even know why I am addressing it because if you were actually there (ie. knew what the circumstances were like) you would not have asked the question, I was running as fast as I physically could to the nearest shelter, that I can promise you. Which is when I was absolutely amazed that they were sending people out for another lap when I got to the turnaround. Absolutely amazed. I ran as fast as I could to shelter. Why would you go back out in it? Saying that, I did see someone hurt and obviously that affects a person differently, maybe I would have been prepared to do another round had I not seen someone struck down.

Which brings me to another point. Intraining employees are claiming on Social Media that the race was called off before the man was struck by the tree. This is simply not true. I came in at 54 min and my friend came in at 58 min. I did not see the man hit, she did, and it was in the last 2km that he was hit. Doing a little bush maths with some help from my Garmin puts me at the 8km mark at around 5.50, puts my friend there at 5.55ish. The reports that I have heard state that the race was called off at 6.10pm, having been there waiting from friends in a tent right at the finish line, I would have thought that it was later than that, but I’m happy to call it 6.10. At any rate they were sending people back out at the turnaround when both myself and my friend came in.

No public comment made by management. Staff and followers ‘rallying’ social media name calling anyone that dares to question what happened and spreading information that simply is not true. This is not a witch hunt and I’m not here pushing an agenda. Quite simply I would like to know what the plan was. If there was no plan, fine! It’s probably information that I could have used before the race, but that’s the way it goes and I’ll keep that in mind in the future. Being set upon by loyal followers and employees when I put it out there how I was feeling after the race was  to be expected. ‘Put yourself in their shoes’, they say. God yes, I feel for them. These last few days must have been terribly difficult, as must have been the clean up, dealing with the media and of course the criticism from (what has been described as) the minority of participants. (yea, that’s me) I’m not going to shy away from it, I say it how I see it. Not everyone is going to see it like I do, but that’s the beauty of blog-land. This one is about me and how I feel, if you would like to express how you feel you can start one too.

Granted, my first blog on the subject was probably a bit harsh. I was coming from a place of abject fear. Sunday night was one of the scariest experiences of my life. Yep, I’m outspoken and bound to come out swinging. This blog has always been about me and what I think, I don’t think that I have pulled many punches in the past and I’m not about to start now. If saying it how I see it alienates me from 90% of the running community then I guess that I just have to accept that.

All of that finally said, this is the end of the road for discussion on the subject. It’s time to move on, forget about Sunday, send our thoughts and prayers to the man that was injured and his family, and keep on running.

If anything at all is to come out of Sunday night’s tragedy it is my sincere hope that events in the future take into consideration the events of Twilight 2103 and this leads to greater safety of events in the future.


So this is what hell looks like?


I was at the 8km mark of the Twlight Running festival, running straight into it.

What a crazy experience.

The run was fairly ok for me. I was stoked to line up with Bec who was running her first half. The chute was long and crowded and so was the course. It took well over 3km before the pack spread out, funny though, they were the best (time wise) 3km of my race with every km under 5min I was feeling fantastic about another sub 50 ten km and the decision to enter the half at Noosa would be taken out of my hands. Easy, right? Running is never bloody easy and after 3km my legs just didn’t want to keep working. I’m not as fit as I was last year when I ran the sub-50 and the cracks began to show (mental note to self.. get fitter!!) I carried on though and was pretty much on track for my original goal, 52 min. This was pretty much when all hell broke loose. I remember getting to the 8km mark feeling great that I was going to get 52 because the last 4km had been such a mental struggle. Very difficult run mentally wondering what the hell I was doing running, I have had my day and should quit while I am ahead.. etc etc.. how was I ever going to run a half or a full again, what was I doing out there pretending to be a runner.. blah blah etc etc… So the incoming storm really took my mind off things!! The wind picked up and I saw a branch blown from a tree and strike a runner down. This really affected me!! By the time I got to her there were at least half a dozen people stopped with her so I continued on. My friends 9year old son described the last km perfectly, ‘We were running for our lives!’ Never a truer word spoken. I was running as fast as I could but I was going nowhere. I was in serious shock from seeing a runner struck down and it felt like hell on earth, people screaming and yelling ambulances, I couldn’t believe when I finally got to the end that they were still sending people back out on a second lap for the half-marathon. I had offered to swap with a friend who had hurt herself and was doing the half, there is no way that I would have kept going, just NOT happening, it was that crazy. The whole last km as I was trying to run but not really getting anywhere I started to have trouble breathing, and had a fairly scary panic attack. I was really concerned about tk. I’d left her at the parkrun tent with all our bags and things, my good camera… a TENT, I’d left her at a TENT.. Holy freaking shit!!! When I finally went past the tent I was pretty happy that it was still there, but only because of the awesome people that were holding it there… physically holding it there! I have never felt so good to hug my daughter. I was so relieved that she was still there and she was ok. What a mess it was though… everyone’s bags were full of water there was still thunder and lightening and we were perched under a TENT in the middle of an athletics oval… What a bloody cluster fuck!!

Last time I was annoyed with an event organiser I didn’t want to name them… It was a small issue of having to go to the toilet and there not being a porta-loo handy and I did think I was being a bit of a girl’s blouse about it. So I didn’t name them… However I’m not shy this time.


What the fuck are you doing?

This time, as well as the usual parking shamozzle, overflowing rubbish bins and gross lack of toilets we have also thrown in some dangerous weather, falling trees, rain, thunder, hail and lightening.

Are you freaking kidding me? What was your weather management plan looking like? At what stage does an event get postponed/called off for the sake of safety?

I have already heard all the arguments that we (me) should take more personal responsibility for my (our) own safety and I am happy to admit that I feel as though I left myself fairly vulnerable, I will definitely change the way that I approach a race in subsequent events. However, there is a big but here… When you sign up to an event, you PAY MONEY. You PAY an organiser to provide a safe event, it’s called a duty of care. The organiser promises to provide a safe course and adequate facilities for a specified time/distance and the runner pays them quite a decent amount for this.  Yes, yes, noone can do anything about the weather, but it was forecast. There were people commenting on the facebook page at 11.30am about the weather, yet even at the starting line they made NO comment, not a single mention about the possibility of bad weather. I am suprised at the number of people that have positive feedback and comments such as ‘It is queensland, after all’.. ahh, exactly!! It is better to be safe than sorry.

Really, really poor judgement.

So what’s left? There is a man in hospital in a critical condition and countless other injuries. Awesome!

Last time that I was annoyed I said that I had no intention of not going to Intraining events. I generally like them, I just feel that they are not well organised. I feel as though I am now in a real quandary. Not being able to go to the toilet or having to look at an unsightly rubbish bin is one thing. Having my personal safety (and that of the rest of the field) put at risk is something else all together. I’d be more than happy to forgo the twilight events, running in the afternoon really isn’t my thing anyway, no skin off my nose there. I would be upset to miss the Brisbane Running festival though… I really did like that event. I guess I will work it out as the season goes on.

So there you have it. One crazy, stupid run.

At the moment I am putting together some sort of help/aid for the family of the man in hospital. It will probably look something like a cleaning/catering package. If you would like to contribute or have any ideas on how we can help out please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Stay Safe Runners!!

Standing outside the fire?

Life is not tried it is merely survived if you are standing outside the fire

Last year, for my birthday, my mum bought me a gift voucher. An adrenalin gift voucher. An adrenalin gift voucher to climb the Story Bridge. Really mum? Really? At the time I had no idea that I actually really didn’t like the story bridge, but I did know that I am scared shitless of heights. I put it off and I put it off… I put it off so long that it had to be extended so that I could actually still redeem my voucher. However! Today I climbed the Story Bridge. It was great! I’m not going to say that I don’t know what I was worried about, because I know exactly what I was worried about, but it was all good!


Being afraid of heights is something that has bothered me for quite a while,

The Story Bridge bothers me, ever since I started running across it in April last year, it just scares me. People jump off the Story Bridge to end their lives. It’s that simple. I am pretty sure that there is a Media ban in place, so it’s not reported on, but *I* know that it happens… It happens.. It’s always scared the crapper out of me.

They don’t place these phones all over the place for nothing…


They also don’t have gates like this for not reason..


Running along here has always given me the hee-bie-geebies….


I run as close to the centre of the path as I can.. It is completely illogical and there is no reason for me to think like I do, but I am scared that someone will appear from nowhere and knee’s-up me straight over the side of the bridge. Seriously. Yes.. illogical and I am working through it.. but it’s how I feel… and it’s a pretty long stretch… and there are all the life-line signs.. and phones… and.. and…

And, anyway. I did the climb. I actually went and did it. All by myself. I was in a group, of course and the guide, a beautiful young lady named Erin was really lovely and clearly enjoyed her job. So it’s all done now. It wasn’t as bad as I thought that it would be and I did have a really good time!

So, this got me to thinking about standing outside the fire. In my last post I breifly touched on the fact that I want to move house. Like I really, really, REALLY want to move house. Alot. So, I have made up my mind to just go. The real estate agent has put pressure on me to sign another 6 month lease and I just don’t think I can do that. I found a house in an area that I really want to live in. So I’ve put in an application. I’m now in that horrible place where you wait and see if you have favor with the land-lord gods.


Have I mentioned that I love this city?


I love this city!!