In love with this girl & with her town as well…

by de

So, long time no blog.

Life has been busy.

Busy… and dare I say it.. Not really about running. A bit about running, a bit about working a bit about raising a cheerleading, dancing all teenagering young adult.


I have felt a little withdrawn at times and distracted..

I lost my best friend..


I found the absolute joy in fostering a rescue dog… and failing… Tre is my dog now.


I found the crazy bitter-sweet joy of fostering a rescue dog and succeeding! Bill has a great ‘forever home’ and an owner that loves him as much as we do.


I found that most normal people don’t realise that you are naming your rescue dogs after members of Green Day


I ran 4 half marathons.




The Gold Coast.


The Jetty to Jetty.


and, the Sunshine Coast.

I decided that the half was a great distance to run (and that is the truth!) and that the training for a full marathon was too much to fit into my busy schedule of little exercise, becoming a work-a-holic and taking things easy on the weekends…

….but then the tickets were cheap….


and the half was sold out…

… There were decisions to be made…

So I ran another full marathon.


Just like that.

That would be an easy way to get around explaining the events of the last few months, wouldn’t it?

I took my time…. and planned my runs…


I’d set my goal and I worked towards it (and by jingo’s that was the hard part)


Then I went and did it.

There is a fair bit more to the wheres and how’s about it, that I just can’t wait to elaborate upon in the next day or so, but at the heart of the matter… That’s what I did…


You know what they say about taking a risk….. right?