Horseshoes & Hand-grenades..

by de

I’m not fucking around…

I think we have established that…

I‘m not fucking around
I think I’m coming out
All the deceivers and cheaters
I think we’ve got a bleeder right now
Want you to slap me around?
Want you to knock me out?
Well, you missed me kissed me
Now you better kick me down

Maybe you’re the runner up
But the first one to lose the race
Almost only really counts in
Horseshoes and Handgrenades


So with that in mind, I’m going to run the Noosa Half-Marathon.

Yea, I know… I wanted a 10k PB. But, whatever. I also want to run a(nother)  half-marathon.


I had planned to reassess the 10k PB situation after Twilight, and, well, yea… I went alright at Twilight, but the cracks were showing long before the storm hit, I should have come in around 52min. I then ran again at The Sunshine Coast run series… I came so close, 50.34…. about 40 seconds off PB. At this stage I just don’t feel as though any more can come from dwelling on it.. I would really like to get a half under my belt before the full and this is probably the only opportunity that I have to do it.


I finally got my head right the other day when someone that knows nothing about running, just casually said to me “Why don’t you just stop worrying about this PB marlarkey?” Oh, yes I thought! Why don’t I just cut my arms and legs off and pull myself through road races on the strength of my nasal hairs? As much as it pains me to admit it, he was right… I’ve been beating myself up, chasing something that while is a worthwhile goal, doesn’t change the world and frankly has turned running (which I really love) into a bit of a chore. Kilometers that MUST be done… Intervals and hills and MUST be endured, no fun at all really… I love my long runs with the girls (almost as much as I love the breakfast and coffee afterwards) and I’d been doing a fair bit of beating myself up that I wasn’t doing them ‘good enough’.. Bah.. It all stops here. Running is for fun!!


Yes, I’m not in the condition that I was last year. Yes. Things are different this year. So-freaking-what! Do I want to give up running? Not on your nelly sweetheart. I want to run for a great many more years yet. Not every run is ‘great’, not every run is awful. It’s a bit like days of the week and months of the year.

Anyway.. I have changed! Things are so different now! The last 2 months feels like an absolute whirlwind, but I am now where I truly *want* to be. Despite my *acceptance* of where I lived and how things were going in my job… Two short months down the road… Would you take a look at that…. everything has changed!

I don’t live where I used to live anymore, Hoo-friggen-RAH!!!! I had no idea how much my hatred for the suburb that I lived in was affecting my emotional wellbeing.. Once I knew that I was on the out, wow, things changed right away. There is alot to be said about living exactly where you want to live. I am here now and it’s friggen awesome! Every single time I drive down the Western Freeway I love myself sick that I live at the end of it… no more 30 minute trek to the ‘burbs for me, oh no… Yep, I’ve got traffic noise at all hours of the night and day and I embrace it! I feel safe and happy and at home. I seriously couldn’t be happier about where I live. As a result of that, I joined a new gym. I have wanted to join Workout (the gym) since I first started being an ‘exercise’ person. I loved the idea of ‘classes’ and was trying to find a way to justify it.. even though the gym was nowhere near my house… In the end, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t and I didn’t. It annoyed me, I wanted to go to that gym. Still, I did bootcamp, had a great trainer and acheived lots.. plenty… I ran a marathon in my first year running.

So now it’s time for something totally different… as well as running of course.


You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes… You can steer yourself in any direction you choose! (Dr Suess)

So I’m thinking that the concept of steel-caps as tap shoes is going to take off… You heard it here first!

Oh, and work? My boss quit. Just like that.

Nuff said really!