Standing outside the fire?

by de

Life is not tried it is merely survived if you are standing outside the fire

Last year, for my birthday, my mum bought me a gift voucher. An adrenalin gift voucher. An adrenalin gift voucher to climb the Story Bridge. Really mum? Really? At the time I had no idea that I actually really didn’t like the story bridge, but I did know that I am scared shitless of heights. I put it off and I put it off… I put it off so long that it had to be extended so that I could actually still redeem my voucher. However! Today I climbed the Story Bridge. It was great! I’m not going to say that I don’t know what I was worried about, because I know exactly what I was worried about, but it was all good!


Being afraid of heights is something that has bothered me for quite a while,

The Story Bridge bothers me, ever since I started running across it in April last year, it just scares me. People jump off the Story Bridge to end their lives. It’s that simple. I am pretty sure that there is a Media ban in place, so it’s not reported on, but *I* know that it happens… It happens.. It’s always scared the crapper out of me.

They don’t place these phones all over the place for nothing…


They also don’t have gates like this for not reason..


Running along here has always given me the hee-bie-geebies….


I run as close to the centre of the path as I can.. It is completely illogical and there is no reason for me to think like I do, but I am scared that someone will appear from nowhere and knee’s-up me straight over the side of the bridge. Seriously. Yes.. illogical and I am working through it.. but it’s how I feel… and it’s a pretty long stretch… and there are all the life-line signs.. and phones… and.. and…

And, anyway. I did the climb. I actually went and did it. All by myself. I was in a group, of course and the guide, a beautiful young lady named Erin was really lovely and clearly enjoyed her job. So it’s all done now. It wasn’t as bad as I thought that it would be and I did have a really good time!

So, this got me to thinking about standing outside the fire. In my last post I breifly touched on the fact that I want to move house. Like I really, really, REALLY want to move house. Alot. So, I have made up my mind to just go. The real estate agent has put pressure on me to sign another 6 month lease and I just don’t think I can do that. I found a house in an area that I really want to live in. So I’ve put in an application. I’m now in that horrible place where you wait and see if you have favor with the land-lord gods.


Have I mentioned that I love this city?


I love this city!!