The final countdown…..

by de

Ahhh, yes… The moment that we’ve all been waiting for.. The most awesome unleashing of inner-awesome in the history of the world…



Make way for the brilliantness that IS the Bris-Vegas Finale!!!


It all began with the craziness of Parkrun… Tk and I parked at Kangaroo Point and walked around to South Bank, well, we walked half-way round to Southbank before we realised that we had left the Awesome Runners Flag in the car.. bugger poo-bum, we had to walk back to the car then drive to South Bank so that we were there in time. Off to a rockin start!! Made it to Parkrun and got our AWESOME hats from the AWESOME Sarah! I was so proud of starting out with all the girls in our white hats… We are a team!! We had an AWESOME run.

Then there was some breakfast shenanigans, the crew all rocked up at Aqua which was just lovely!


We arrived at the convention Centre in time to see my great friend Ute compete in the fitness challenge… She rocked it like a true champion. So proud of her strength and determination.

We then lined up for our crazy QLD entrance…


And had a great workout


It is safe to say that I have had an unforgetable weekend. I met a few people in the flesh that I didn’t know before, but really, I just got to hang out with some awesome people that I have gotten to know over the last year or so. I am so incredibly grateful to this program for bringing to me this incredible group of ladies. When I started ‘the running group’ a few short months ago, I did it because I felt there was a need for it… nothing more… but in the meantime, whilst I was thinking of other things.. The group has morphed into this active, friendly, encouraging space… where every runner is welcome. To say that I am happy and proud seems to be a gross understatement.

Yes, it really was the final countdown for me. Stay tuned…