Snakes & Ladders

by de

Anyone  that has even ever heard of me, knows, that I am in it for the ‘Long Run’. I have said it more than once… I really, really love the long run. LOVE it. I really love running, period, but it’s the long run that gets me. I love to go out there and loose myself, run as fast or as slow as what I want, stop when I want to take a picture of something that has caught my eye, drink from the bubblers (yes, I do… I really hate carrying water with me) and take in this beautiful city that I live in, that I am so blessed, so lucky to live in. The long run is very forgiving. I left work in an absolute shit of a mood this afternoon, really angry for no good reason. Tk is at cheerleading until 6.15pm and I finish at 4… such a long time to have to fill in time. I had been organised and had my shoes and clothes, thinking I may go to the gym. I had 20min to fill in yesterday and I went to the gym and did a fast 3km on the treadmill, so the desire to run was there… Fast run for the week, tick….. Long Run?? Hurmmmmmm, I have plans on Sunday (the designated day for the long run worldwide) and my long run isn’t all that long… I needed something between 8-12km comfortable…. Toowong to Southbank is something like 8-12km and I was sure feeling comfortable. So I put on my big girls pants and drove to Toowong. I set off on the pathway around the river only to find that it was partially closed along Coronation Drive.. I nearly turned back, but I still had so much time to fill in, what would I do? I’d be let down with myself, I’d be cranky.. I was still cranky.. Stupid weather, stoopid council blocking off the path and how come they were letting cyclists through but not pedestrians? Surely as a runner you are not a mere pedestrian? Grumble grumble winge whine, back up onto Coro drive I go.. I still ran. As it turned out, it was only a short stretch and I could go back down onto the river path again, oh, good! Things are looking up. I ran to the Go-between Bridge and crossed over there. there was still lots of silt and mud on the path and it was obvious that the council had been cleaning it up. Tick for Brissy City Council.. I’m feeling better already!

I love you Southbank!


Ran through Southbank like a boss! I must admit I briefly toyed with the idea of a tour of Kangaroo Point as well, but my sensibility kicked in at the Goodwill Bridge and I hung a left and up and over my favorite Brissy bridge, funny isn’t it, I LOVE the goodwill bridge… HATE the Storey Bridge. Back onto my old stomping ground, left off the bridge and along the river.

I love you North Quay!!


I got back to the path-pedestrian diversion at Milton and I said to myself that I could stop running if I had done 8km. I checked runkeeper and I’d done 9. Friggen A!! I walked back to my car at Toowong.

I’ve done it, the very first long training run of the season. Yeahhhhaaaaaa! It was in the afternoon (I hate the afternoon) I had no iPod (I hate running without music) There were diversions from my planned route (Diversions make me want to give up) It’s friday afternoon and I had to run past 3 pubs (I love pubs on a friday afternoon, that is, being in them rather than running past them) but I did it. I also have plans to do it AGAIN!

Oh yes, I have many, many plans to go run, run…..

AS FAST AS I CAN!!!!!!!!!!