The trap to catch out the younger players…

by de


This is the post that I don’t want to write. I’ll be damned if I don’t though, so here I go…

I ran the resolution run today. Well, mostly I ran the Resolution Run today. I am so bloody embarrassed! It was my birthday on Friday… after work I went and stayed the night at my friend Ann-Marie’s house. We had a lovely time, she cooked a beautiful dinner and we ate cheese and drank wine…we drank a fair bit of wine… I woke up on Saturday just buzzing, did my groceries, mozied along home and started preparing for the upcoming week. I had a couple more drinks and I stayed up WAYYYY too late. I was just in the mood. I talked to my sister on the phone… I realised it was nearly 2am… Gulp! I was running the Resolution Run tomorrow! I set my alarm and probably thought about my over-indulgences and how my time would be affected.. Sigh… Nevermind.. I’ll just get up and go do it anyway.

Well, obviously I slept straight through the alarm because I was woken up by Ann-Marie ring to ask me where I was parked… Ahh, parked? I wasn’t even out of friggen bed yet… Oh dear! I got dressed faster than the speed of light and was in the car before I really knew what I was doing. Determined to get to the run. I rang Ann-Marie and Karlee back to find out where I should park that would be close to the starting line and was gobsmacked that I could follow Karlee’s directions and found the Parking garage, parked the car and ran to the run.

The 10k had already started when I got there but Ingred was waiting for me at the start of the 5 and we did the sideways shuffle while she pinned my bib on… And off we went. I had never actually planned on running this event, so I had no idea what I was doing… just following the peeps in front. My plan was to catch up to Ann-Marie and have an easy run bitching to her about what an idiot I am… So I ran and I ran…. I wore my headphones even though they are not allowed, yea, I’m such a rebel like that! I did my two laps and finished absolutely exhausted, hung out with the girls and headed off to find us a nice spot for some post run coffee and breakfast.. But something wasn’t sitting right with me. You know that slightly wrong feeling, I was putting it down to being late and not starting with the others.. still… nagging away at me….

I got my results online and I (apparently) ran 11km in 55min. That’s an awesome time for 11km.. Keeping in mind that my 10km PB is 49 Min….. For the few hours that I thought this was my time.. I was pretty happy about that….

It took me quite some time to find my car again and eventually head off home, wasn’t til I got home that the penny dropped.

I cheated…

I cut the course.

I just want to say right here right now that I by NO MEANS meant to cheat, but I didn’t do a part of it… When we went for our second lap I completely missed running through the Botanical Gardens… Nearly 2km’s. No wonder my time was stellar! Now I know how Lance Armstrong must feel (ok, that is probably a bad joke.. too soon?) Worse still I was running under Ingred’s name and I feel like such a fraud!! I’ve now got a bloody medal that I don’t deserve and I’ve done someone out of their rightful ‘place’.

AND it’s the first run of the year! The RESOLUTION run.

I’m owning it. I’m an idiot and I completely fucked up.

Better luck next year?