2013 – The Plan

  • IWD – 5km funrun. I think I will always take part in this run to celebrate International Womens Day. It was the very first run that I ever ran.

    Didn’t run it, was too expensive and I was moving house at the time

  • Twilight – I think I will probably make the first run of the season a half.

    Ran the 10k.. don’t want to talk about it

  • Noosa – Half with the awesome Sunny Coast girls..

    Had a lovely time running the half!

  • MDC – 8km’s with ya mum!

    Ran it with Alison mostly, but my mum didn’t come

  • Caloundra – 10km’s of the toughest hills in the business, previous PB 55.24

    Same weekend as the C2S, but it didn’t matter because I was injured and stayed in bed

  • GCAM – Cracking out a full marathon on one of the most beautiful courses known to man

    Only just survived the half and vowed to never run the  GCM

  • BRF – Undecided, torn between bettering my first entry to the sub-50 club or tackling the half

    Ran the last 14km with a marathoner.

  • SCM – Half, for time

    Ran it for fun with Jo.

  • J2J – Undecided, tough course though no reason not to do the half… (10km 52.48)

    Loved every minute of the half, wish I could do it again tomorrow. LOVE this race!