A Prize, a milestone and a case of the missing mojo…

by de

Yea-Haaa! Thanks to some beautiful ladies I was awarded one of the prizes in the weekly surprise for *this* blog. I have to say right up that I’m blown away. I keep getting comments on my writing and I don’t know what to say. I just write like I would talk and although I know I’m a fabulous talker… I ain’t ever won any prize for that!! So thanks beautiful ladies and thanks Mish. I was reading through all the other nominations and to be put in the same catagory as people like,

Angela Wallace, Words can’t describe this awesome lady, so I have none.

Michelle.. I don’t know her, but I’ve LOVED her blog

Kate Beck. AKA Supergirl!

Vicki Martin, who is the vintage goddess and my hero!

Is just bloody awesome. To actually make the top ten from 200 or so nominations really *really* blew me away. I got the email from the support crew on a particularly trying day.. and it really did turn my frown upside down. (YES! I know I said that you shouldn’t let communications change your mood… what I meant was NOT for the worse… good emails are aok!)

AND! In the spirit of celebration, I have just discovered that on Saturday I ran my 20th Park-run. Wowsers!! That means that I have ran 100kms up and down the brisbane river from New Farm to Tenerife and back again on a Saturday morning THIS YEAR!! No wonder I know every footstep of it back to frount! (Yes, mum that was for you) I was going to push the double pram and was looking forward to the company of young Elizabeth and Victoria once again, however I was blown away (again, I know, I’m like a bloody feather lately) When Kym announced last night that Elizabeth would be running Park-run HERSELF today??!! What. The.? I resigned myself to pushing Victoria in the pram and hoping that TK didn’t notice that there was a spare seat on the bus!! Alas, the (very selfish) husband of my friend with the kids decided to spend the morning SLEEPING IN and I had to do the run under my own steam!! Flippen Heck!!! Someone could have warned me. What a grueling 5km it was this morning. I gotta give it to you QLD, you are one stinking hot biatch!

Which would bring me to the case of the missing mojo.

What the fuck is wrong with me sometimes?

Yea, we are up to Week 5, R4 of the 12wbt.. and some things are not how I had planned they would be. Sometimes I really need to put on those big girls pants and just get the *hell* on with it. I’ve been pretty wrapped up with L&S and have not been to a group exercise session in AGES! So I got my sorry arse out of bed on sunday morning and went to PIP and did the New Farm leg of the longest Parkrun. It was awesome, I’ve missed the company and I need to make the effort to get there more often. I am a strange beast. I work all week with all men, then I work-out with all women. I’ve missed my girls…

For some reason wordpress and my lil mac are not getting along today and I can’t upload photos.. So in the spirit of the season, damn it all to hell and post anyway. Again, thankyou to all the awesome people that nominated me.. I’ll be buggered if I know how I’ve got this far.