Pram-runner? A lesson in WTF??!

by de

It’s been a long time since I have been a regular pram-pusher…. Well over 10 years. A few weeks ago I pushed a little baby in a lightweight pram for a friend of mine, well, I say that it was for her and she did run a PB that day without it so the benefit was clearly there.. but it was really for me. You see, Corinne has these awesome triceps from always running with her girls in the pram and I would like some of those puppies attached to my upper arms as well. She calls it resistance training and I can see why. However, not content with one little baby in a lightweight pram, I decided to have a go at Kym’s ‘other’ pram. This is a huge big double pram that has not one, but two children (not babies) inside. Phewwwwwwww, it was darn hard work!


I almost look comfortable at the start…. It gets harder towards the end.

I loved it!! Can’t wait til next week to do it again! Elizabeth and Victoria were most excellent running partners! We had a very serious discussion about the virtues of waffle cookies that can be obtained from the markets afterwards though I don’t think that they were as excited about the coffee as I was, boy did I need my coffee afterwards!

I have to say that I enjoyed running with the pram so much that I was almost a bit sad that I won’t get to do it for myself, I say almost because I am sure if she was put up to it TK would happily sit in a pram and have me push her around the course and that, my friends will most certainly NOT be happening! At around the 3km mark a young boy passed us, there arn’t really many hills on the course, more slight rises but with 50kg worth of double pram full of Elizabeth and Victoria they feel more like Everest. The young fella and I were neck and neck up one particular hill and he passed me near the top, he was so proud of himself and kept looking back to make sure he was still ahead. I couldn’t help myself, with what breath I had left I called out to him ‘That’s it mate, keep going, you’ve got this!!’ Still he kept checking up on us ‘Nearly there, Don’t look back!! Keep going!! You are going to beat us!!’ So off he went, and he did beat us. I was so exhausted at the end that I forgot to look out for him to shake his hand, I love the park-run spirit.


Here’s the little tacker kicking my butt!


I could only entice one of the girls to have their photo taken with me, better luck next week!