This girl is *really* on fire…

by de

YES! You have to listen to the song while you read the post, just get on with it.

I’ve written about where I would be without the 12wbt.

I’ve written about my old friends that were not so supportive.

But every now and again I have to stop and think… Where the hell would I be without the amazing people that I have met and formed friendships with this year. There are plenty of them, but this post is about one very special one.




THE most courageous member of the QLD Crew. Where the hell would I be without her?

Easy. I’d still be a shaking dribbling mess leaning up the side of the chute at the Noosa winter festival. Which is awkward, cause its’ not even called that anymore. I had heard on the QLD 12wbt facebook group that there would be a few of us running at the NWF. I had met Karlee before and was looking forward to matching up some avatars with some real-life faces. On the day, tk and I arrived reasonably early and saw Karlee start her first half. I was in awe.. No way I was ever going to do that (yes, yes…. we all know the story) I didn’t see the sunny coast girls until the first turn-around but it’s etched on my brain the picture of them running towards me before the turnaround and I’m pretty sure that I just stood there unable to say (let alone yell out) anything.. Call it stage fright, call it unfamiliar circumstances, call it whatever the bloody hell you like, I stood there like a goldfish.. all gaping mouth with nadda coming out of it. The girls completed the turnaournd and i did yell like crazy to the back of their gloriously yellow JFDI singlets as they headed out for the second lap. Nup, I couldn’t do that, I was in serious awe. So much awesome to be in awe of!

I’m not alone I am sure that plenty of QLD Crew members would happily put up their hands and admit to something very similar. I don’t even know how to start to describe how awesome this woman is. Testament, really, because when she won the award for most courageous, and was not there to accept it, I was the first one to jump up to accept it for her… and then I ran out of words to properly describe how awesome she really is. I am pretty sure that I stood there saying that she was my best friend.  She is… but that doesn’t really seem to cover it.


I honestly don’t know where this woman gets her energy and tenacity from. She is made from some pretty serious stuff.


Everyone has a ‘life’ to deal with, kids, husbands.. Dogs that need walking (or in this case, running) Meals that need preparing, floors that need mopping.. all that. It is the selfless way that she just gets about her business, bringing everyone she meets up with her. Then there is the commitment to her training, this woman walks her talk. She runs her dog. She is teaching her children to be healthy and happy. It’s also worth mentioning that she is pretty darn good at it, as well. To go from the intrepid half-marathon runner that I met on Mothers Day….


…to the established triathlete type gal that she is today takes a fair measure of grit and determination.


I like to think that she is pretty damn talented as well.


I’m proud of her.


I believe in her.

I have never been gladder to have cheered on a total stranger and would never have thought that it would change my life so dramatically.