On the road again…

by de

This is what saying it out loud is all about.

Watch this and tell me you don’t want to do Lean & Strong.

Phew… I’ve just finished my second ‘gym style’ personal training session. “Just a taste of what Lean & Strong is going to be like” Holy freaking moly. If that was a taste then I am screwed. For the second week in a row Ash wiped the floor with me. When I got home I said to tk, ‘that woman hates me’. She must. My poor daughter takes me way too seriously and later on quietly said.. ‘Mum, I don’t think that Ash hates you… does she?’ I had to laugh, no, she doesn’t hate me… It just feels like it!

What a commitment this is going to be, Lean & Strong… over Christmas. I was never one to do things by half! I have even thought about chickening out. Tk had a fablous idea that we should run in an event in a different state every year, this year we did Melbourne, next year we could do Sydney (wow! running across the bridge!) Then we talked about where we could go after that, which had me consulting google for marathons in SA and TAS. Ohhhhhh Hobart has the Cadbury Marathon, in JANUARY…. mmmm….. how’s about forgetting all about this L&S caper and just ramping up training for that? More running… I am good at running… NO!! Must. complete. Lean. and. Strong.

So that’s what I am going to do. I’m cementing in the routine now, summer is going to be interesting. When I am in full training mode I pretty much go to bed at 7.30pm… Oh yeah, living the high life for me… No grog, no social life, all clean diet… I am a laugh a minute. However, I *do* feel better throughout the day, I have tonnes more energy to put into my workouts in the morning and I am a generally happier and calmer person to be around. (That’s when I am NOT wishing I was at the pub playing pool) There are a few red-flag days that I already have to look forward to next round, obviously Christmas Day is one of them, but there is also my work xmas party and my birthday to add in. It’s good to have these to look forward to, helps keep me motivated on the other days when I just don’t want to get out of bed.

Speaking of getting out of bed. I’ll have to do that. Then I will have to go to the Gym. Eugh. Not looking forward to the gym. I’m going to join my local ‘snap’. I don’t really have any other options, it is all there is in my suburb and there really are not alot of other options for completing Lean & Strong. I downloaded their free week pass today and now all I have to do is actually ‘go’ in there and check it out. Eugh. Me not wanna.

Also, made an appt to see a sports physio. I know that I have needed to do this for a while… also… eugh… I’ll let you know how I go!

So many changes. I have always said that you ahve to change to evolve.

So I guess I am evolving…

Or something.

Did you watch the video? Seriously. Watch it. I dare you not to cry.


Inspirational woman.

Makes me cry every time.