I Believe.

by de

‘With every breath that I breathe you and me can turn a whisper to a scream’

You just got to believe in yourself.

Getting there isn’t always easy, but once you do…. everything changes.

When I say everything…. I really, really mean everything.

Let me tell you about my Saturday. As normal, I went to park-run. Park-run used to be about really carving it up every Saturday for me. Getting out there to run as fast as I possibly can for 5km to see if I could get a better time than the week before. That was before I started to really run long distances. Once I started doing the *really* long runs (more than 25km) all of my shorter distances slowed down. I’m ok with that, it is just part of the bigger goal and also good for me as I have been known to get really uptight about my times so it was good to just relax and not have to worry about it, I knew already I wasn’t going to get a PB so I have relaxed alot more and really enjoyed running for the fun of it, yes, for the fun of it!

So last Friday night I was mucking around on facebook with a couple of the girls that I usually run with who were saying that they wanted to crack the 25min mark for the 5km. Having already been through my own personal battle with the blasted 25min mark, I completely understood where they were coming from, that bloody 25min mark is like a brick wall that must be taken apart bit by damn bit. So I said I would run with them… I can’t run ‘for’ them, but I can use runkeeper to tell me what pace we are doing and I was fairly confident that both of them could cross the line in under 25min, in fact.. It baffled me as to why they hadn’t already… Til we got to the starting line… and I saw where they positioned themselves…


If you want to be sub-25 and you are just about there (I don’t mean if you are at 30+min) then you have to place yourself in the appropriate position to start off with. Otherwise you spend the first km jockeying for a spot and having to pass all of the slower runners that obviously have more confidence than what you do, otherwise they would have started further back! I remember being pushed to start further up as well, and similarly, I didn’t want to, felt that everyone was looking at me thinking that my ambitions obviously outweighed my capabilities. It is much tougher mentally as well, lots more people pass you when you start closer to the front. However, physically it is much easier. If you keep to the left then people can easily get round you and it’s not ussually you having to go round other people, which does play absolute havoc with your  time, endurance, headspace, and it’s downright dangerous at times!

So both of my friends cracked 25min, one of them even got a 23. Less than 30 seconds off *my* PB!! I can’t wait to see what they can acheive when they get their asses up the front where they belong.

If you have done the work and you are getting the times…. For god’s sake!!!


Don’t look up on your movie screens 
In record stores or magazines 
Close your eyes and you will see 
That you are all you really need’

It will happen.