So tired of waking up tired..

by de

So by now you know. I’m running a marathon. Soon. This time in a fortnight it will have been run.

Thank god!

Cause I’m-a getting a bit tired. I went to PIP on Sunday morning but for the rest of the day I was as flat as a tack. My body is telling me to rest, so I had myself a shower and hit the sack. Mum rang, she asked me why I was so tired (grimace) I said ‘I’m running a marathon, you may have heard?’

Last Long run completed Monday. Last opportunity to get some serious numbers in the bank, I didn’t go as far as I wanted to and runkeeper stuffed up some of my times, yeh, I really did a 30sec km for km20 runkeeper… run’guesser’ more like it.

From here on I will do a ten throughout the week and then pull right back for the last week. I think I am going to need every ounce of energy that I can muster. You’ve seen the above photo? right?

With this in mind I have also been researching Carbohydrate Loading. Up until now I have had a very lazzaire fare regard to carb loading. I’ve used it as an excuse to eat whatever I liked the day before the run….. Once I had reached my goal weight… I have dabbled with eating pasta the night before a run (any run, even parkrun) and thought that I did have a little more energy.. A bit of a spring in my step.. but my experimentations are a bit hit and miss and I have never really worked out a ‘plan’.

So I have sorted out my socks. My shoes should be here this week, yep left that to the last minute, I’ll be lucky to get 20km into them before the big day, but I am not too concerned with the shoes. I trust Mizuno and I ran my first ten km at noosa in brand new shoes. I have since run 100’s of km in those shoes with never a bother, the pair before were the same. I am at peace with the shoes. I’m also pretty happy with the socks that I had to trade my car in for. I’ll use Endura Mint flavoured gels and GU Chomps.

But what’s the rest of me going to look like? I don’t have new clothes! Nor a tutu!? For once I am just going to stick with what I know and wear what I wore for my first half. Without the tutu. Gasp! Yea, I’m more worried about chaffing.

Today is the first day of my taper.

Terrific Taper Tuesday.

I’m relieved. I’m nervous. I’m nervous that I am relieved and relieved that I am nervous.

I have done the work, I’m ready for the race.

Bring it on Melbourne.

This is going to be great!!