One Track Mind…

by de

It’s like a freight train at the moment.


Every thing is about getting there. Getting there in one piece. Getting there in the best form possible to run as fast as I can for over 40km.

I have described it as similar to child birth at the moment. It’s big, you know it’s going to be painful and it’s inevitable. It’s my last race of the year… At least according to the post-it note that has been stuck to my monitor at work for the last 6 months it is! There may be a few sneaky fun-runs before the year is out!

… I’ve crossed all the others off… Caloundra Fun Run, Gold Coast Marathon, Brissy Running Festival etc etc etc… The big one is looming just two weeks away!

I have one more long run, approximately 36km to get done this weekend and it’s all on the downhill taper from then on in. I’m planning on going to visit my parents the following weekend, hopefully that will keep my mind off things. I’d hate to have to be working with me the following week, I’m going to be like a fart in a bottle!

So what a crazy 20 odd weeks it has been! I have gone from only ever wanting to compete in 10km events, to running a marathon… How does one *do* that?

I have written before about deciding to run the half, but then before I even ran it I woke up one day and decided to run a full. What’s with that? It had been in the back of my mind since the Gold Coast when I watched my friend Damien run the full. When I was waiting with his wife and his daughter at the 5km water station. I watched the front-runners, which is quite a spectacle, and then there are the ‘elite’ not too far behind, I learnt so much just watching these athletes use a water station.. I felt sorry for the ones that were ducking into the toilets… oh dear! I thought, Imagine having to ‘go’ at the 5km mark (lol, if only I knew what I was in for with my second half marathon!) I got sprayed with water from cups tossed willy-nilly along the roadside, I smile when I think of the cups because before then I had always tried to make sure my cup went into the bin, I felt bad if it didn’t, I don’t feel bad now that I have watched the volunteers cleaning them up .. It’s just what you have to do at the time! Ahhhhh, I was such an amateur. I still am an amateur, but I am learning so much as I go along.. It’s nice now to sit back and laugh at the old me, That girl that lined up to start at the IWD and thought that she would be really happy with 40min…

But I digress.

When we were standing waiting for Damien to come through, his wife, Sharon.. an old and very dear friend (one of *those* ones that just *knows* you) just turned to me at one point when i was truly in awe of all of these people running 42.195km and said

“You could do that”

And that was that.

I can do that.

I can be one of those people that ran by me that day… In fact… I INTEND to be one of those people, next year, it will be my second full marathon. I crack myself up with running distances, I wouldn’t commit to the first half, but once I did I had committed to another half as well as a full marathon before I even rocked up to the starting line for the first one. I guess I just ‘know’ now that I love it. Oh, sure, there are the voices that tell me to give up… all the time! I always have a sneaky ouchy cranky voice in the first km of Park-Run… Yep, every time I am going out past Watt Restaurant my grouchy voice tells me how crap I am and how I should stop and how I’m not going to get a PB and lots of people have gone past me and I should just slink back to the car…. drop out. I never have though and failing serious injury I think it is safe to say that I wont… but that stupid voice is still there.

Stupid voice.

Anyway. I am preparing for a marathon. Have I mentioned that yet? Marathon. I’m sure I have bought it up in conversation from time to time? I haven’t a clue what to wear and I’m not entirely sure of what I will use for energy throughout the race. I have been using endura gels but have also tried the Gu’s and another brand that I can’t remember what the name of was…. I wanted to give everything a good crack.. see what worked best for me.. I am going to try the Gu Chomp’s in my long run this week and see how they go. There really is nothing like leaving things to the last minute! I have bought socks as well, I am in amazement that I will walk into a sports shop, pick up two pairs of socks and happily pay $35 a pair because my mates said they were good! Hey.. If they are good enough for Karlee and Corinne.. They are good enough for me. Well I had want to bloody hope so.. They weren’t cheap..

So PIP.. Long Run..

Weekend sorted!

What the hell just happened to me?