by de

Mamma told me there’d be days like this…

Twlight. Nope. No PB. No 1.40 that I was chasing. Just one bloody tough run!!

Bloody Tough.

I am at peace with my performance though, (1.59.30) remember, I am training to run a marathon.. to finish a marathon, not bust out a fast half marathon (that will be next year) So I can’t complain about my performance, too many different things and variables at play in this one.

However…. I’m going to have a winge. Event Organisers, I’m a little disappointed in you. Yes, it was the inaugural event, but you are event professionals. I really don’t understand how you got it so wrong with the portaloos! Lining up to go to the toilet 40min before your event SHOULD allow you enough time to get to the starting line. but it didn’t. I needed to pee. Unfortunately my running prowess does not put me in elite category, therefore squatting between parked cars was  out for me… Which left me with the public toilets on the esplanade. If I ever see that nice man that let me go ahead of him because I was swearing about the event organisers I will buy him a pint. Top bloke that one. I could go on about how I have noticed that there is never any rubbish removal at events organised by this organiser or the fact that they ran out of apples and I hate banannas, or that they are well known for an expensive entry fees, but at the end of the day, I do enjoy the events, I happily fork out the dollars. I have no intention of boycotting this particular organiser. I just think that the toilet situation was madness. When you pay $70 to enter a race at the bare minimum you expect to be able to pee beforehand. End of rant.

After my trip to the dunny at 3.5km I had some time to make up, it looks as though I did that with ease… so the second half of the run was absolute torture!  I annoyed the shit out of the 2hour pace runner, once I finally chased him down, daring him to run ahead of me, we had some laughs… I met some great people and enjoyed myself, but it was a hard run. I did enjoy the 4 lap course, which I had previously thought would be awful! I have discovered that I do like to count things down, keeps me going. Which is handy because my iPod went on km2… and really, I just laughed.. Of course it did… whatever!!! I got over it straight away, lesson learned there!

I am upset with myself that I did not explain to my daughter what I expected of her during my race. I can laugh about it now, but my most vivid memory of this race will always be my daughter running with me for about 50 m extolling to me how I was lapping everybody on the couch!! Geez I was pissed…. I just wanted to know how far in front the green balloons were… and don’t tell me ‘not far’ when the white balloons are right behind me!!

And we ran round and we ran round and we ran round… sometimes there was wind… sometimes there were spectators… mostly there was that fucking 2 hour pacer. I thought I had what it takes to be a 2hour pacer.. but it’s a big job.. It was a feat to keep in front of this bloke. I loved every minute of giving him the shits, and I know that tk gave it her best too in the last km he grabbed her and made her run with us.

I finished the run.

I was a little naive and cocky to think that I would blitz it. There was no way that was ever going to happen.

In hindsight.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?