Taking the long way round…

by de

Ahh If ever there was a song about me. Now press play and listen to it. Man I love this song.

So this post is about the ‘long run’. Ever since I started training for the half earlier this year I felt like a bit of a fraud saying that I had a ‘long run’ to get done, I didn’t really feel that *I* was the person doing a ‘long run’. I mean how do you define a ‘long run’? In undertaking ‘long runs’ one obviously has days when they run further than they ever have before and run for longer than they ever have before. It took me a long time to get my head around it. I am a naturally competitive type of person, usually with myself. The first part of this year when I learnt to run, all I was interested in was going faster and it was a real stretch for me to go to 10km, seemed impossible. However I am now at the point that unless I am racing for my 10km personal best, it is relatively easy for me… I discovered today that 20km is also not a great stretch for me either. Jogging along, not doing fantastic time, but able to hold a conversation, stopping heaps at bubblers and to take a photo or two.

Those of you that are used to my early morning Brisbane River shots will recognise that this shot is vastly different to what I normally see the first time I cross the river… It’s a bit different this end of town!

For my first long run since the half,  I ran from Indooroopilly to the Storey Bridge and back again, well, mostly I ran back… I will have to rethink the course next time firstly to avoid the swooping magpies of Sherwood and second to negate the hills of Taringa and Indro… Way killer at the end of a 30km run! When I got to 3 hours I walked a little, it just got too much…. I have never run that far before… It seems madness really that I am contemplating a marathon, but then I remember how I felt the first time that I ran 20kms and that wasn’t that long ago. I accept that I may not complete the marathon in the time that I *thought* that I would. Which is fine, I really only decided to run a marathon this year to see what time I could get, not break the land speed record.

So instead of driving to the city to start my run, today I ran to the city… chased her down…

I took this photo at around the 10km mark, it still seems as though there is a long way to go… and I had absolutely no idea where I was, a suburb I hadn’t heard of before… But I got there in the end (well, technically in the middle, because I still had to run back again)

It’s been a slippery slope of a learning curve, this ‘long distance’ running. It clicked for me last weekend when I was explaining an average (in my mind) performance that I had put in that day in my 1km time trial, but I haven’t had the guts for a 5km PB recently either… and then…. light bulb moment, that’s because I am learning to run further at the moment, not faster! AND that’s OK! It doesn’t mean that I have ‘peaked’ and will never know personal bests in shorter distances again, just that that is not what I am focusing on at the moment and my body just can’t do both! This reminded me of the importance of writing down your goals and revisiting them regularly! At the start of Rd2 all of my goals were about going faster… every single one of them.

My one month goals looked like this-

1km under 4min – Did it in the month, 3.54

5km under 25min – Did it on the last day of the month, 24.11 (have since knocked it down to 23.29)

10km under 50 min –  What a mongrel this one was to break! No matter how I tried to lower my first 10km time of 52.40 I just couldn’t do it! It ended up taking 2months! I did it though, 49.56

Now my one month goals look like this-

Run a half marathon faster than 1.47.57

Run a marathon.


I am really looking forward to the Twilight half next weekend, it poses some interesting challenges for me! First, its in the afternoon and I NEVER run in the afternoon! Second, it is a 4 lap course, I always thought that 4 lap courses would make me feel like a goldfish in a bowl, but it will be great for the extra pep you get from the spectators, so that is really something to look forward to! I am also looking forward to being more realistic with myself about beating time goals, such a good thing because I have REALLY screwed with my head this year on time goals… It’s crazy! Looking forward to being nicer to me and celebrating my achievements no matter how long they take to accomplish! (YES even if that is 3sec longer than last time!)

Woah. Now I am thinking about longer term goals…they look like this-

3 Month

Participate in and successfully recover from my first marathon.

Sign up for Rd4 2012 12WBT, embark on Lean and Strong (!ekkkkk!)

6 Month

Move house.

Commitment to L&S (such a small amount of letters to describe such a monumental task!)

12 Month

Get a head start on the running season! Enter all the events that I want to enter! Have a great time! Full details of my 2013 Plans are here

See what that long run does to you? You start out talking about a long run and end up making goals for the next 12 months. It’s a good thing.

I love. love. love the long run.

ALSO I am a little achey the next day, but absolutely NOTHING compared to how I felt after the flogging I got from Michelle Bridges last week!