Go West!

by de

Well, this is the OhhhEmmGee of all of the Ohh-Em-Geee’s!

Us Queenslanders really know how to rock the party and the Round 2 12WBT finale held in Perth last weekend was no exception.

From 2 days prior when I learned that Ute was a top 20 finalist, I just KNEW that she was going to win Lean & Strong and we were always going to have a ridiculously great time! So, she WON! and we all had a ridicliously good time! (duh!)

So, I participated in the fitness challenge. Of Course i did! That is *so* me. I thought that I had a chance… and I guess I would have, should I have been able to break parallel on a squat and hit the ground on a plyometric lunge. It was the single hardest physical thing that I have ever tried to do! Fuck it was hard!I had pumped myself up to almost bursting with anticipation and nerves, when I hit the ground for my first burpee Jason Deroulo’s ‘fight for you’ started playing, which I saw as a pretty good omen as it’s a favourite song of mine. I didn’t win my heat, I think I came second or third but man, It is safe to say that I gave it EVERYTHING that I had and probably a little more as well.

Smashing out those sit-ups.. The workout consisted of completing a set number of exercises as fast as you possibly can. Wowee there were some fit ladies on that stage.

When I walked into the party later on Kristy Garland told me that I did a good job and I just about fell over myself, what fucking business is it of Kristy Garland’s to tell me I had done a good job? Farrrrrr out! REally? Kristy said that? I still can’t get over it!

I hadn’t put alot of thought into ‘actually’ going to perth, didn’t really think that there was alot of thought to be had about it, but…. wow. As Corinne always says, we don’t cry, we don’t get ’emotional’… We outpour. Safe to say pretty much from the minute we landed, I outpoured! Every little thing tugged at my heartstrings… The Swan River, The beautiful city, Kings Park… The Great Eastern bloody Highway… all of it. When I lived in Perth, I always sort of assumed that I would spend the greater part of my adult life there. When I left I didn’t really think another thing of it, I just left and that was that. I missed it a bit, but I think i really just missed the familiarity of it. Not the town itself.

I was so wrong. I do love Perth. So many realisations over such a short amount of time. When I left perth I was such a broken girl. I honestly had nothing left, so I ran away..

Then I didn’t think much more of it, I got on with making my new life. I have done a great job of making a new life, but didn’t think of where I had come from. Woah, did I think about where I had come from over this weekend. I cried for the ‘past’ De who didn’t realise how great her city was….

The future De loves her city…

and makes the absolute most of it… I stood on Langley Park and my heart absolutely broke for that woman. She had no fucking idea what was good for her! Why didn’t she exercise? How could she have possibly not known to run the paths around the city and South Perth? What in god’s name was wrong with her? Why did I avoid the city? It’s such a beautiful city! After the workout Ute, Roba and I all went and had breakfast at the Dome cafe on Adelaide Terrace, which is just across the road from where we were staying at the Duxton. I deliberately sat facing the road so that I could watch the comings and goings on the street. And then the tears came. They had been building up since the night before when we went on our little swan river cruise… and it was outpour time. Later on back in the hotel room Ute even admitted that she was a bit emotional as well, it was just one of those really ‘big’ days and I really did give it absolutely everything that I had at that fitness challenge!

So I actually feel as though I have come the full circle. I have been back and revisited so many things, memories, mistakes, misscariage, domestic violence etc etc ec-fucking-cetera this year. This crazy 2012 has honestly been the biggest year that I can remember, not only physically fitting everything in, but emotionally as well. I’m totally ready to move forward from all of these crazy things, that without my knowing have been preventing me from making the most of my life!

Now that finale is out of the way I *really* have to get serious about The Marathon!! eeeekkkkk! It is exactly one month tomorrow until I run my first marathon!! 42.195 km!

It’s ok… I got this…