Burning Bridges… One by one…

by de

‘What I’m doin’ can’t be undone’ (eghads, country music reference! Lookout!)

My (or should I say our) first Bridge to Brisbane! It was awesome!

I took this photo at the starting line, just turned around and held the camera above my head and shot. You can see the masses of people even up and around the corner. Also, the moon. It was a blue moon, so once in a blue moon do I get to go running with so many other people.

I’d picked up the race packs and we were ready to hit the ground running.

What a friggen awesome morning I have just had. Bloody Spectacular! Geez I like to run with these girls!

Normally at this point I would rabbit on about how great I just did in a run and you would all smile and nod appropriately. Not today. I didn’t set the world on fire with my outstanding running capabilities this morning. I coasted in at 52.21 after sitting with the 55 pacers for a greater part of the end of the run. No way those boys were coming in front of me! I also think they were going a bit quick, but hey, that’s generally a good thing… right?

But today is not about me.

I always knew that it wouldn’t be and was totally at peace with that. Today I just went out to enjoy a fun-run… Cause it’s awful fun running all over Brisbane with 38 999 of your closest mates! The sheer volume of people that turned out this morning for the Bridge to Brisbane was inspiring! I got to run the first few km with Corrine and then was happy to see the back of her! I always knew that I just wouldn’t have alot to give today, I was looking at it as an extremely fun training run… with 40 odd thousand of my nearest and dearest!

So that’s what I got. I feel so lucky to have met the amazing people that I have met and be able to participate in such a mammoth adventure!

Today, TK ran in the 5km event. She smashed 2 min off her PB and is generally smothered in awesomeness right now. Couldn’t be prouder, couldn’t be happier.