Everything is more fun when you are fit.

by de

(I know, a non-song title… couldn’t think of one)

Angela Wallace wrote a great post on this following the Mother’s Day Classic this year and it’s also used by Zenergy quite a bit as a tag-line. It really resonates with me.

It’s true though. EVERYTHING is more fun when you are fit. From doing the shopping to getting out of bed or tackling the housework.. It’s all heaps better (fun? housework?) when you are fit. I guess living itself is more fun when you are fit. I was inspired to write this after reading about a lady that moved a heap of garden soil and was counting it as her workout. This got me to thinking about how I used to love to garden (when I had my own house) and the only thing that really got to me was all the blood sweat and tears that had to go into moving soil and rocks and mulch and timber and all the other associated things that were just bloody hard work. Now, I have never been one to shy away from hard work, but when you are overweight, unfit and generally unmotivated it is a damn sight more difficult to pull your arse into gear just to get the ball rolling.

I put these photos together as a comparison to show you how far I have come with exercise, in particular with running, but I am sure that this would translate to any other type of exercise. In the beginning it is hard. Damn bullshit bugger poo-bum difficult. You have to really push yourself just to get out there and *do* something. Then, as you keep pushing yourself, something clicks into place. People often ask me how I ‘learned’ to run. I learned just like everyone else, by trying. I pushed myself to the next tree or light post, I had milestones on my walk/run and I made sure that i tried to beat them each and every time I went out there. I didn’t always hit the target, but I refused to give up. The photo on the left was taken at the end of my first Park-run. It doesn’t look as though I am having a lot of fun, does it? I wasn’t really and I did feel at this point as though I would like to vomit. I admit, I had been putting off going to parkrun as I didn’t think I could run the whole 5km, so I felt silly. When I ‘knew’ I could run it, that’s when I finally got the courage to go. Silly me, heaps of people don’t run the whole way… If only i knew! So I ran the whole way, it will be remembered as one of the worst runs I have even done, mentally I was a wreck… so full of self-doubt, wondering who, exactly I thought that I was turning up to a ‘run’… did I think I was a ‘runner’ or something?? As it turns out, I ran it in 29min. Not so bad really… and all the fuel that I needed to get out there and give it another shot next time!

and the next time

and the next time

It never gets any ‘easier’ but I do get better and better, and hey… That’s what makes it fun! So if you are thinking that you can’t run and you feel silly then think of me looking as though I want to vomit… and then 5months later at the completion of my first half-marathon. Yep, I had an absolute blast…. because I am FIT! I’m healthy! Yes, even housework, hell even my real job is a lot more fun now.. because it’s not a chore. I don’t have to cart another 25kg of fat around the place with me anymore. I’m light on my feet and even lighter in my heart.

So get fit!

It’s more fun!