Living on a prayer

by de

Yep, we’re half-way there! This is exactly how I imagined myself wearing that singlet.

(So happy we got this photo before the race, two of the most amazing chic’s on the planet)

When I wrote the post about cracking 50minutes for 10km, I thought that I was the happiest lady in South-East Qld.  That may have been the case, but there is no way that I was happier than I am today.  I can’t describe how I feel right now.

My first half-marathon?





(Me & Karlee, she smashed her goal!)

After the run Corinne kept asking me how I felt. Every time she did the tears came. In the end I just had to say that I didn’t have the words. I still don’t think that I have the words. I had put so much thought into this run. There was so much that I thought that I had to get out there, so  much that I thought that I need to think about… Turns out I spent 90% of the run arguing with an ipod…Seriously… Then when I gave up on the ipod I started to really think about what it was that I was doing out there. I was running, duh! But what was I doing it for?

For the jerk that stole 10 years of my life and beat me up?

Fuck that guy.

(here’s Ute instead, isn’t she beautiful?)

For the man that recently turned my world upside down?

Fuck that guy too!!

(Me and Justine, wouldn’t be where I am without this lady)

This ‘stuff’ is for me. It’s for me, it’s for my beautiful daughter. This is ‘our’ life. I am done with living in the past, done and friggen dusted with running from the ghosts. THIS life is for the living. I’m a-gunna get out there and get on with living it. The past is in the past, those deeds are done and it’s time to get on with creating the future that I want to live in.

So my carefully constructed km by km thought pattern went out the window. I argued with Tk’s iPhone for the first lap, then I rang her…. ahem…. yep… during my half marathon, I made a phone call. It was hilarious when she answered… ‘ahh, um, hello?’ I asked her to get her ipod ready and I’d be there in ten minutes. Totally friggen hilarious, 21.1km arguing with an ipod, making phone calls and the rest of the time I spent looking for my mates and waving like a crazy person! I got lots of comments on my tutu, which is obviously why I wore it… Love, love, love that!

Tk ran the 2km event and boy oh boy was it HOT by then! 11am in the Sunshine Coast sun, I was worried about her! Her goal was to run under 10min, which she NAILED… coming in at 9.49! Hip Hip bloody Hooray.

Next weekend is the Bridge to Brisbane. Hold onto your hats people, it’s full steam ahead into full marathon training with the twilight bay run to break it up at the end of  September.

Can’t FREAKING wait!

I love this shit!