Fab Friday

by de

At last!

I’m off to an appointment with a dietician this afternoon, will have to report back with my new knowledge! I can’t beleive myself! I rang to make the appointment the other day and had to chuckle to myself when the receptionist asked me if the appointment was for weight loss or sports nutrition.. LOL… and I had to say sports nutrition.. ME! An appointment for sports nutrition. Crack up!! Who would have thunk that? Not me.. not ever, but here we are.

So dietician on Friday… I don’t know about Parkrun this week, I probably should JFDI but it’s been a bit of a rough week for me. I caught the flu on wednesday and have been in slow mode ever since. It’s also the last netball game of the season for TK, which I have to say I am pretty happy about. I have never been much involved with school goings-on and I wasn’t looking forward to the netball season, but I have really enjoyed it! I have met a whole bunch of other mums (which hasn’t really happened before) and had a great time. Well, asides from the injuries and other stuff (politics!) It has been fab but I am glad it’s over. Another commitment off the list for the year.. and we get our weekends back… YAY!!

Sunday I am doing a 10km run organised by the guy, Kosta that runs my bootcamp. It sounds like a bit of fun and exactly what I need for the last long(ish) run before the half next weekend. I can’t believe that my half is nearly here! In the excitement of committing to the full in Melbourne, I had almost lost sight of the half.. but sure as god made little apples it has come around. I’m really looking forward to it! I have a whole heap of bullshit baggage that I am planning to leave out there on that course and I am bursting at the seams to get it done.

Have a great weekend!