by de

I have been desperately trying to pen an inspiring post about how I am where I am less than a year after I started but the answer is so much more simple than I even imagine.


I just fucking do it.

Yes, fucking. I swear and this is about me.

The reason for my sucess with 12wbt. I just fucking do it. The important bits, which are the ones that we all know are our downfall… I just DO them.

It’s different for everyone, but, honestly, my biggest hurdle was my mindset. I followed the mindset lessons, I completed my pre-season tasks…

This is the key!!

Anyone can learn about nutrition and how our bodies work/respond. The mind is the biggest hurdle.

Get it RIGHT!!!

Understand that YOU DECIDE.

At any given moment you can make a decision, is it for the good/bad?

Is this decision in line with my goals?

Do those goals scare me? Do they mean enough to put my total self on the line? (if no, get new goals)

Fall down.

Get up.

Break through.


KEEP frikken GOING!

Set the goals, put them in your diary and just go and do them.

Simple, right?


(disclaimer- some goals were never meant to be met. I often thank god for unanswered prayers)