Hey Gloria… are you standing close to the edge?

by de

Holy freaking Moly and get the frig out of town.

I did it.

I’m a member of the sub-50 club!

I ran 49.54 over 10km at the Brisbane running festival.

How do I feel? Amazing! Awesome! Ready to take on the world…..

How awesome is my trainer Ash? She smashed her goal of under an hour as well, so we were all really happy!!

I give myself full marks for getting to the finish line in one piece. Spurred on by Roba at the 2km mark, it is SO SO great to see your mates out there on the course and Rob’s is recovering from her 100km trek and had to Marshall for the event. Bad for her, fantastic for me… I was so so happy to see a happy cheering face!

You see, I had become quite serious about his race.. I *had* to have a PB. My goal was under 50min, but I HAD to have a Personal Best time. I had looked at the course online and was quite confident that it was reasonably flat.

I was wrong.

Holy Shit Bags Muther Farrrrrrrrrrrrr out. We left the start behind and started to climb. and climb. What the Friggggggg? It was in the first Km I thought, bugger this, there goes my time goals, this course is HARD! I kept saying to myself ‘kill hill’ ‘kill hill’ and then abandoned all thoughts of giving up on my goals and put my faith into the one person that would get me over the finish line in the time that I wanted.


So I ran.

I wanted to keep my Heart-rate about 155… It was 175 when I thought I was at the pace I should be at, so I kept it there instead.

And I ran.

Right at the end with 1km to go I thought I was loosing it, and Ute was there waiting for me, with her finger on her watch screaming at me that I was at 45minutes.

That beautiful woman ran the last km with me and I will never be more thankful to a human being as long as I live. It was our usual run and as she said, it was already stuffed for her. There were so many things that I wanted to say to her.. I took my earphones out to try to talk and heard the sound of my breathing.. then I put them back in again. When I crossed the line the Gun Time was 50.46, I kinda screwed up my face a bit. I turned around to see the man that I started with and we hugged. It truly is amazing the people that you meet when you run. Tk ran up to the side of the chute and was screaming at me that I did it, I hugged her too, told her that I loved her. That really is my favorite part of the race, the loved ones waiting at the end.

Still, this race was for me.

I got my powerade and muffin. I stood with my friends and waited for the half finishers.

I’d nailed it.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what I was upset about last week, if I’d had a bad day at work or I was flat broke. Nothing else Matters. I set a goal and even though I didn’t get it the first time I went for it, I kept going.

Today it was mine.

(with a little help from my friends)