We got it going on!

by de

Mini-Milestone Week 8 Round 2.

Nothing really planned that is that much out of the ordinary. I started writing a Fabulous Friday… and really didn’t get far with that…

The weekend, however could not have been any better!

Park-run is on Saturday and now that my kid Parkruns, we seem to be there nearly every week! The last time that I ran a PB was on the 9th of June and I had had enough with sitting on the same time week after week. Its one thing to put in the time to keep going back when you know you aren’t going to get a PB, but there is a limit. Then one simple statement really hit home to me.

“5K PB’s hurt”

That was it. If you want your PB it is going to hurt! You have to push harder. You have to be ready to move forward…. You really gotta grow up and stop being a baby!

So…. I did.

Official time 23.29. and that, my friends is what is known as NAILING it! I came 3rd in my age category, my first place!!  In theory it is simple. Go out there and run as fast as you can. In practice… it’s a very different story. Your mind is always going to be your biggest hurdle. 5km PB’s *really* do hurt. I think that is what hit home to me with this statement. They don’t feel ‘ok’ for some of the time, they don’t calm their shit down for a km or two in the middle. They REALLY bloody hurt. Once you prepare mentally for that, the rest is all putting one foot in front of the other…… as fast as you possibly can… That’s the easy part!

Sunday I ran to New Farm Park for Pain in Paradise run by the awesome Angela.

It was a crazy ‘GI Jane’ Session and while  the dressing up, war paint and dragging tyres around the place was an absolute blast my favourite part of the session was winning the planking competition. I planked for 5.45 which was a personal best by a minute or so.

Yep, here I am refusing to give up. My planking strategy is simple. Find someone (thanks Leanne) to talk to about something that you like or are interested in. Talk. Whatever you do, don’t think about planking. Talk some more. Never, never think about planking. When it gets really hard at the end think about someone that you love, how you are not going to let them down. Plank with your heart!! (but don’t ever think even for a minute about planking!)