What goes up….

by de

It’s just got to come down… It’s true. We all know it.

On the back of what can only be described as one of the most awesome weekends on record, work can seem a little mundane come Monday, don’t you think? I place an extrodinary amount of pressure on myself to realise my goals. The problem with me and my goals is that I don’t really know what goals to set.

I have honestly just gone out and thought that I liked running. (and I ran and I ran and I ran and I ran some more)

After that, I thought that I didn’t like running. (I found bootcamp, bootcamp is fun!!)

Then I got good at running and I liked it again. (I realised that I wasn’t bad at running)

Then I ran a 5km funrun and entered the Mothers Day Classic. (I was hoping to finish the funrun in 40min and I ran 32!!)

Then I got even better at running and did my first 10km. (In 52.40!!! Nobody could beleive it!!)

Fast forward to now..  Today I did not improve my 1km time trial. It’s the first time. It was always going to happen. Still, I am a bit sad about it. After all, if I didn’t do any better in my latest 10km… Clearly I SUCK! (I don’t really, but thats what you tend to think)

People often ask me what it is about the 12wbt that I like, or do, or follow.. and for the greater part, it is the mindset lessons Through the mindset lessons I know that even though I have had a rough week and things didn’t go exactly as planned.. I can pick myself up, dust myself off and go back at it as hard as I possibly can.

Because I am worth it.

I don’t run the times that I want to, but compared with the De of this time last year, I rock!

So even though, this week I am not soaring to the heights of the Hilton. I am still getting better, and as I said to someone the other day, you have to be here for the bad times if you are going to be here for the good ones… I know the good ones are going to be worth it!!

So my mantra for next week?

‘Don’t be a baby’