Fabulous Friday

by de

Thank god it’s here, it’s been a long tedious week. I just haven’t seemed to be able to get out of my own way this week!

I’ll be up bright and smiley to do my shopping at the farmers markets and run my heart out at Parkrun. I’m looking forward to Parkrun. I need to let off some steam, it will be a bit of an ‘angry’ run, my workmate commented this morning.

On Sunday the beautiful Ute and I are going to run from Milton to New Farm, participate in a bootcamp and then run back to Milton again, should be interesting… and fun, yes, it will be very fun indeed.

It seems like a bit of a boring weekend after last weeks efforts but I think that’s exactly what I need. I need to get back on track and have a bit of a relax at home on my own before tk gets home (has it really been two weeks already?) on Sunday night. I have a few units that I may go and look at and a date tonight. Yea, that’s right, a date tonight. Should be interesting!