Fablous Friday

by de

Ohhh the excitement! I thought it would never arrive, but we are already here!!

The Gold Coast Airport Marathon! Tomorrow I will be running in the 10km event at the GCAM! I just can’t tell you how excited I am! Having run a few races/fun-runs now I don’t have the nerves that I did at my first couple, but the Goldy is such a big event over the entire weekend and I am staying at (drum-roll please) The Hilton! I am way over-excited about staying somewhere so nice! Weeks ago when I booked the room on wot-if I chose the ‘mystery deal’. It sounded like everything I need (and a little more) for around $150 a night, international hotel, guaranteed ocean views, breakfast daily and an enormous King Sized bed for me to luxuriate in. What more can a single mother with a weekend kid-free want? So I booked it, get the confirmation and wadda you know? It’s the freaking Surfers Paradise Hilton!! Bestill my beating heart if I am not going to have the weekend of my life!

It always seems ‘real’ when you get your bib…