Fabulous Friday!

by de

Just like everyone else that works on the weekdays and doesn’t on the weekend days, I FREAKING LOVE Fridays!

Just looking forward to the great expanse of time that won’t be spent slaving away at work all free for new adventures makes me all tingly on the inside.

So what’s doing on the weekend?

Tomorrow (sat) I am going to get up bright and smiley while it’s still dark outside and my dog and kid are still snoring away in dreamland and set out on my ‘second Saturday’ mission. Every second Saturday I leave home in the wee hours and head to New Farm Park. I like to arrive as the farmers markets are just getting set up around 6am. It is a lovely time (that’s if it’s not pissing down with rain or blowing a gale) of morning, albeit a little dark at this time of the year. I love to wander through the stalls of beautiful, fresh, local produce chatting with the stallholders and picking out the best of the best of the produce. The fruit and vegetables are of infinitely better quality than the supermarket variety and I have taken to buying my meat and seafood there as well. Markets are often touted as a way to save money, I don’t find this to be the case on first glance, everything I find is a little more expensive than I would pay at the supermarket or butcher. Quality is, however a clear winner and I also find that the fruit and veges last MUCH longer in my fridge reducing the amount that gets thrown away when I forget what is in the crisper for a couple of days. Win!! It may just be my warm fuzzy side, but I rekon everything tastes better too.

After a scant hour through the marketplace I whip my treasures back to the car…. and it’s time to Park-run!

Can I just say right now…… I LOVE Parkrun. Alot. Love. Love. Love.

Parkrun is a free, weekly, timed event. How great is that?  Hop on over to their website to check them out, find a run in your area, register, print out your bar-code and head on down bright and early on a Saturday morning to run your heart out! It’s a 5km course that is properly timed, so after aforementioned running of heart out, you collect your little timing chip and scan your bar-code with it and hey-presto you will receive an email later on that day with your ‘official’ time. What could be easier? No stuffing around with running apps or stopwatches or any other paraphernalia that detracts from your actual run…. just running when they say ‘GO!’ Last fortnight I ran the 5km in 24.11 which was a new PB (that’s elite athlete speak for ‘Personal Best’) by 53 seconds. I had a one month goal of getting my PB under 25 minutes which I had struggled throughout the month to do, but then low and behold on the final day I smashed it out nearly a minute faster.

Here I am smashing myself right at the end! I don’t really have a goal for tomorrows run. Obviously it’s nice to get a PB each time you run, but it’s not always possible. Of course, I will be giving it my best shot!

The next big goal that I would like to smash out of the water is over 10km. Next weekend is the Gold Coast Marathon and I am ridiculously excited to be running in the 10km event. My goal is to complete the race in 50minutes or under, but we can talk about that next (fablous) Friday!

Have a great weekend!